We are a local company operating across the South East and as we’ve grown we have tried to ensure that we recruit local people.



All of our engineers (electricians or security alarms) have been recruited because they have shown special aptitude in their field and a desire to improve. At MyHome Installations we provide further training opportunities for staff so that they can develop and ultimately provide a better service for customers.

We invest in them to be rounded, multi-skilled engineers capable of understanding and installing modern electrical and home security systems.

We have a strong apprenticeship programme and currently have a number of apprentices learning their trade at MyHome Installations. It is vital that young engineers are knowledgeable in electrical and security systems and know how they can be integrated while appreciating the dangers; burns, electrical shock, house fires and even death.

As a company we are pleased to now have our apprentices become full time qualified engineers still working with us and serving the people of Kent, Surry, East Sussex and South Essex.