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MyHome Electrical is one of the UK’s leading electrical safety specialists. Since 2005, we have worked with some of the UK’s leading engineers to improve standards in home electrical installations.

Our research has helped us understand the value of transparent quotes, good communication and stress-free installation.

Electrics at a glance

  • Our highly-skilled electrical engineers have experience in maintaining electrical safety within the home.
  • We operate to the highest standards.
  • We have our own quality control supervisor that checks the quality of each installation.
  • We are part of the MyHome group.

We have already helped over 3000 people in the Southeast of England and will continue to do so with our unique approach. For a free visual inspection, call now.

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Electricity can kill. Each year around 70 people are killed and 350,000 seriously injured due to an electrical accident in the home.

Electrical Safety First Charity 2016

Electrical Installation

It is important that only persons that are competent carry out all electrical installation work. Such persons are those that have the necessary knowledge, skill and experience to enable them to avoid danger to themselves and others that electricity can create. It is strongly recommended that you use an electrician who is registered with one of the government-approved schemes to carry out any electric installation work that you need doing.



MyHome understand the value of transparent quotes, good communication and a stress-free installation. Here’s how we do it….

Price guarantee: Unlike other electricians, we guarantee that the price we quote is the price you pay. We conduct a full condition report prior to any installation, highlighting exactly what does and does not need to be done; we never over or under estimate the size of the installation.

Helpful quotes: The MyHome condition report can be used to collect quotes, helping you to compare the cost and quality more easily. Should you choose us for the installation, the cost of the report will be refunded.

Simple installation: The full condition report provides our engineers with all the information they need to plan the most effective installation. This minimises disruption and improves the quality of installation while saving time. It is our goal to improve the safety of your home, effortlessly.

Fully qualified: We inspect the quality of our work and ensure that we adhere to British standards.

Quality guaranteed: We have our own, quality control supervisors who inspect each and every electrical installation that a MyHome engineer completes. They provide proactive training and continuous progression within the team, ensuring that all of our customers receive the highest quality.

After care: With every new installation, your dedicated customer care manager will contact you the next day to ensure that the installation was clean with minimal disruption. We can arrange as many callbacks as you feel necessary, or even send an engineer back free of charge to ensure that you are confident with your new installation.

Value for money: MyHome provide a 5-year warranty with every installation, including unlimited 24-hour call outs, parts and labour. Should there be any problems with your home electrics, leave the yellow pages alone and give us a call free of charge.